AIS CLEANING heavy industrial manufacturing

AIS FM has ventured into some pretty dark & dirty facilities.  We then use our expertise to transform them into brighter & shinier spaces using top of the line products & processes combined with our years of experience.  Keeping areas of facilities in the heavy industrial sector up to an individual company’s housekeeping standards is what we do best.

AIS FM specializes in keep ceilings, walls, floors, & equipment free from oil, grease, fluids, dirt, & dust in such harsh environments. The know-how and the right equipment to perform such cleaning tasks thoroughly & efficiently is key to servicing such facilities. Often companies can’t afford to take their employees off their skilled jobs to perform routine cleaning duties. AIS FM takes that burden off and provides you with site-specific trained cleaners at a cost-effective advantage.


  • Degreasing
  • Sand blasting
  • Hot or cold pressure washing
  • Vapor assisted blasting
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Pits, Drains and Flumes clean


  • Foundries
  • Mines
  • Steel plants
  • Large equipment & machinery manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturers

Your complete cleaning & facilities management solution

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